Tree Moving

Our true area of expertise and obsession is large specimen tree moves. We proudly hold the title for largest successful tree move recorded on Long Island; a 250,000 pound, 70 foot tall, 45 foot wide historic Linden Tree in Southampton. The 100 year old tree, moved in 2007, continues to thrive in its new home. That being said, there is no tree too small or large for us to tackle.

Our attention to seasonal timing, expert root ball wrapping and skinning, hand excavating, testing for proper soil PH, and post transplant care have helped us to become true masters in the art of tree relocation. Most recently we were called upon by Brooklyn Botanic Gardens to relocate over a dozen precious specimen trees in the Park. The BBG entrusted only Hampton Rustic with their prized possessions, a collection of trees from the Historical Native Flora Garden- all of which survived the powerful winds of Hurricane Sandy.