Meet the Team

Matthew Stengel, Owner

Matt was born and raised in Southampton, NY and began as a landscape apprentice at the age of 18. However, even before this, his adventures in landscaping began when he bought his first ride-on Craftsman mower at the ripe young age of 14. Matt loved working with his hands outdoors and soon began cutting trees, splitting wood, and mowing neighborhood lawns.

As his knowledge of plant and tree species grew, so blossomed his fascination with transplanting large specimen trees. Moving historic trees requires a certain understanding of physics which is something that comes second nature to Matt because his father was the local high school physics teacher. Between his work ethic and passion for the industry, it was only a matter of time before Matt established his own landscaping business.

Matt can now swing a shovel with the exactitude of a surgeon and wield a chainsaw with the precision of Nasa Laser Communications System!  He has an uncanny ability to place trees and plants with such grace that they appear to have grown naturally from that very location.  His fascination lies with grading the surface of any topography, especially for drainage. Matt takes great satisfaction knowing a project is done correctly the first time, and all within budget.

The landscaping team.

The landscaping team.